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School of Craft
Good Art requires sacrifice.
Great Art requires human sacrifice.
— Ol’ Gran’s Journals, 1745
Hailee Interview

Art Camp is a dark comedy mockumentary series following a young woman who infiltrates a secluded mountain art school to discover the truth about her estranged father.

Pug with bone

Nestled deep in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a place unlike any other… The Odalvi Center for Artistic Practice.

Ask any of the students and they’ll tell you the same: “It’s like something drew us all here, you know?” But what?

Old Gran porch

Our story is one of mystery, suspense and the absurd. The heroes are flawed fish-out-of-water types, surrounded by walking clichés at a school where people go missing when they don’t clean the paintbrushes properly.

Welcome to Art Camp.